HubbleDeepField 375



  • communications experiment,
  • structure and content experiment
  • dfx -> dfc (design for change)
  • work in process - just beginning - subject to change


communications is in flux.

the structures, the contents, the purposes, the hard technologies, the soft technologies and the business models and people.

all of it.

like exp( mt + zs ).{ these mzs should be greek or symbol font- wikia needs better font selection- fonts should be indifferent to them? }

this is a lab. we experiment. a communications lab. we make links.

we make communications here.

we make 'em clear and true and interesting.

we have views. we expose 'em.

what is the best way to make something clear? perspicuous? staggeringly beautiful? definitive? delicious? seductive?

the form of explanation varies with the type of topic.

  • it depends on the subject but also on the needs and interests of the customer.
  • Ford thinks of Egypt in a different way than we do.

where do things stand?

  • made a start on
    • content
    • structure
  • to do list
    • text - several examples (here, here, here);
      • wiki text formating is not as flexible as I'd like. Would prefer Palatino as a logo font.
      • But - extended text and internal hypertext are easy enough for me.
      • Links are the nuggest in what we do.
      • Concentration and distilling of information includes the gathered content but also the editorial function. We help you select and gather rather than gather and select
    • audio - not tried yet - next stage technologically
    • homemade stuff is needed but no clue on what and when. but it's on the list.
    • topic - our integrated picture of some subject
    • Cairo was one - update tonight
    • State finance topic in process. This will likely split out as a topic. One obstacle to this is presentation of standalone documents. I need to be able to publish spreadsheets and databases. Maybe a profit center as a source of clean data - auditable.

edit this mood music - ok - starting to make flesh on the bones. The bones may be a bit sentimental.

not (just) warm fuzzies. Save us.


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